When should I buy LED lighting?

As soon as you want to start saving $

Like most successful technologies, LED lighting continues to improve, a fact that has some people hesitant to purchase LED lighting products for fear of missing out on “the next best thing.”  The truth is that several reputable LED lighting manufacturers have already ushered in the era of LED technology as a legitimate source of general lighting.  High quality, high efficiency LED lighting products are being produced in high volume for big brand name companies and organizations that are anxious to reap the manifold benefits of the technology.  As a result there are many cost effective LED products available today.


Particularly well-suited applications for LED lighting

As is the case with all products, there are some applications where LED luminaires may yield a quicker return on investment or demonstrate greater value.

    • Luminaires that are difficult to access
    • Luminaires that illuminate critical/high-value work spaces
    • Fixtures in cold environments
    • Applications where lighting is on 24 hours per day all year round