An LED Christmas


With the Christmas season quickly approaching, it’s time to start the neighborhood competition for the best-lit home on the block!  Yep, it’s time to scale the ladder, risking life and limb, in order to place the Christmas lights and join in the holiday spirit.  BrightWay doesn’t offer LED Christmas Lights, but the application still offers a great opportunity to discuss the many advantages of LED lighting.

Traditionally, much decorative Christmas lighting was done with incandescent bulbs.  From the flood lights shining on a manger scene to stringy Christmas lights, LED lighting offers several big advantages over the ghastly conventional lights of Christmas past.  LEDs are a lot more difficult to break, they won’t burn you when you touch them, they last much longer, and they use substantially less energy – so much less energy that the amount of money you’ll save will be enough even to bring a smile to ol’ Scrooges face.


The Twelve Years of Christmas: Why LED lights last so much longer than incandescent lights

A quick refresher from your high school physics class is probably in order.  Consider it our gift to you for this holiday season.  Remember the law of Conservation of Energy? No.  Well, it basically states that the total energy of an isolated system cannot change, rather it is said to be conserved over time.  So, energy can be neither created nor destroyed, but can change form.  Simply put, LED lighting is A LOT more efficient than incandescent lighting when it comes to changing electrical energy (heat energy) into visible light energy (radiant energy).  As a result, LEDs dissipate much less heat to damage the source of illumination.  With appropriate thermal management, LEDs will likely last much longer than the ugly Christmas sweater that grandma got you as a present.

Due to the fact that LEDs are a Solid State Lighting technology, they are much more vibration resistant than incandescent bulbs which incorporate a filament and glass globe that can both be easily broken.  Moreover, the decorative globes that are sometimes placed over LEDs are purely aesthetic in nature and serve no functional purpose, which means that if they get broken, the light will just keep on beaming all through the Silent Night…. Holy Night.


Check back in a couple of weeks in order to read the remainder of the LED Christmas Carol about the other joyous benefits offered up by LED technology...

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