Case Study: LED Lighting for Municipalites

One Bright City: LED Lighting for The City of Apple Valley

Location:  Apple Valley, MN



City council members and city executives are always trying to do more with less. The more efficiently they can provide municipal functions, the more value they provide to their communities and the better they serve their neighbors. The City of Apple Valley, MN is no different.


With the energy expertise and guidance of Ameresco and help from BrightWay Supply in specifying the right LED products for the job, Apple Valley came to the conclusion that energy-efficient LED lighting was a great investment for the immediate betterment of their municipal facilities and one that will pay financial dividends long into the future.

To reduce labor costs associated with installation, most of the new LED fixtures were installed on a “one-for-one” basis. A field electrician from Cal-Tex Electric noted that “the LED 2x2’ lay-in troffers were actually easier to install than fluorescent troffers due to the fact that they weigh less, have a thinner profile, and don’t require you to install any tubes.”

Contracted lighting specialist, Steve Alms, had this to say about the LED lighting products provided by BrightWay Supply, “I’m not sure that I’ll specify any conventional technology for 2x2’ troffer applications ever again now that I’ve come across this LED 2x2’ lay-in troffer.”



136W U.S. LED Parking Lot Luminaire
104W U.S. LED Parking Lot Luminaire
36W U.S. LED 2x2’ Lay-in Troffer
34W U.S. LED Wall Pack (full cut-off light distribution)
12W ETi LED BR30 Bulb
34W U.S. LED Wall Pack (flood light distribution)
93W U.S. LED Under Canopy Luminaire
27W U.S. LED 1x1’ Soffit Light
74W U.S. LED 48” Linear Luminaire
20W MaxLED Canopy Luminaire




The city achieved a 70 percent reduction in energy usage across 3 city facilities (community center, municipal center, and central maintenance facility) – a savings that amounts to over 70,000 kWh annually.

Terry Lyrge, Master Electrician and Program Manager from one of the Apple Valley project’s installing electrical contractor companies, Electrical Solutions Incorporated, had this to say about the new LED lighting, “We were amazed at the energy savings with both the interior and exterior HID to LED Lighting conversions!”

Making the switch to LED lighting also increased light levels and made the light distribution more even at the retrofitted facilities, which improved the aesthetics of interior working areas and made exterior property feel safer. For most applications the average brightness increased between 25-50 percent and in some cases it nearly doubled.


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