Case Study: LED Refrigeration Lighting

The Scenario

Ecostar3In September of 2011, the Mobil Station on Noble Parkway in Brooklyn Park, MN underwent a refrigeration lighting face lift. Several of their existing fixtures has failed and it was time for an upgrade. Their goals were to improve brightness in the coolers in order to give their customers a better experience, install a lighting solution that would require less maintenance, decrease energy usage, and incur some savings to their bottom line. USLED's Ecostar3 LED refrigeration lighting product proved to be 'the right choice.'


In their search for the appropriate lighting solution for their coolers, they were introduced to LED technology as an option they learned of the technology's many benefits and the fact that, due to those benefits, the regional power company (Xcel Energy) was offering a rebate for switching to the 'green' technology. Mobil entertained several LED refrigeration lighting products and settled on USLED for the following reasons:

  • Ease of installation
  • It was the most cost effective solution
  • Good local support from distributor Brightway Supply Company
  • 5 year product warranty

The Chilling Details

Existing Fixtures

  • Type: 6ft. T8 Fluorescent Bulbs
  • Color Temp: 4000K
  • Total Fixtures: 30
  • Total Power: 2100 Watts
  • Estimated Life: 15,000 hrs.
  • Est. Annual Energy Cost: $1226*

New Fixtures

  • Type: 6ft. USLED Ecostar3 Units
  • Color Temp: 5000K
  • Total Fixtures: 30 (18 EU & 12 CU)
  • Total Power: 738 Watts
  • Estimated Life: 60,000+ hrs.
  • Est. Annual Energy Cost: $431*
  • Est. Annual Energy Savings: $795*

*Based on 16 hour operational day and $0.10/kwh energy cost. - Energy Cost/ Savings in this estimate do not Account for additional savings incurred by reducing Cooler compressor load with LED solution.



Right: Before LED lighting. Left: After USLED lights were installed.

How Did Things Turn Out?

The Ecostar 3 is designed to be easily installed, a fact that was observed by Mobil employees as they quickly finished the retrofit, noting that a majority of the time needed to complete the job spent clearing product from the shelves, moving the racks themselves, and uninstalling the existing fixtures. Upon completion of the job, installer Jason Ryan stated, "the USLED product makes it look like we actually installed all new racks in the fridges, because the light is so clean and bright." A sentiment that was echoed by store owner, Craig Weitzel. They stated that they would use the product again, and would not hesitate to recommend it to other store locations. When asked about the success of the Mobil Station retrofit, Brightway Supply president Dan Esenther commented, "We're not surprised that they had a good experience with USLED's Ecostar3 product. USLED is a reputable manufacturer that values quality and ease-of-use as paramount in developing their products.Those are the same reasons that allow them to stand firmly behind their products with a 5 year warranty."

Was any rebate money awarded for the retrofit?

Perhaps even simpler than the installation process of the Ecostar3 was the rebate application process with Xcel Energy. The significant direct energy savings of LED refrigeration lighting, augmented by secondary energy savings of LED refrigeration lighting, augmented by secondary energy savings incurred by reducing the cooler compressor load, caused Xcel to create a prescriptive rebate of $100 per door. The rebate made it so that Mobil simply had to submit a one page rebate application and a copy of the final invoice in order to receive a $2100 check to cover over half of the material cost for the project.

Download this case study by clicking the link below. CaseStudy_MobilStation_USLEDecostar3

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