LED Lighting is NOT Like Other Early-adopter Technologies

I have never considered myself an early adopter.  I do find that I surround myself with technology, it’s my vocation, it’s my avocation in a lot of ways.  But thanks to the stacks of retired, mostly worthless, electronic equipment and gizmos in my possession, I am keenly aware that technology is rarely an investment.   For that reason, I have seldom found it to be worth the extra money to be the first to own some new technology.  LED lighting is changing that.  It has moved me from a “Late Majority” adopter, to an “Early Majority” adopter.  Why?  Because it’s the first bit of technology I could buy that actually provides a tangible return on my investment.  Unlike that 4K TV that relegates your HDTV to the trash heap, an investment in LED lighting will pay you back.  In fact, it starts paying you back immediately and is usually still at work long after it has paid for itself.

If you are still waiting for LED costs to come down, stop waiting.  Prices are past the knee in the curve and continuing to wait is like waiting until you are 50 to start saving for retirement.   Everyone agrees that investing for retirement when you are young is smart because you take advantage of compounding interest.  Investing in LED lighting now is smart because you take advantage of compounded savings on your electrical costs. Prices aren't likely to decrease more than another 10% on commercial products in the next 5 years.   New products being introduced are brighter, a little more efficient, maybe smaller, but not a lot less expensive.

According to a 2013 DOE report, retail and commercial properties are going to lead the way in energy savings from LED lighting.  LED Troffers, Refrigeration, industrial (manufacturing/warehouse), and Exterior lighting will account for most of the savings in these areas.   Waiting to upgrade your lighting is actually going to cost more than you save.  LED lighting will continue to improve, just like TVs.  So, replace your outdated lighting with energy efficient LEDs now, then you can take your savings and get that TV that you always wanted.   In case you haven’t heard, 8K TVs are already in labs and will be sending your 4K TV to the garage.

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