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  • $12.95 - ETI - Dimmable, 5
  • $12.95 - ETI - Dimmable, 5
  • $12.95 - ETI - Dimmable, 5
  • $12.95 - ETI - Dimmable, 5
  • $12.95 - ETI - Dimmable, 5

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$12.95 - ETI - Dimmable, 5" - 6" Recessed Can LED, Energy Star, 2700K (Warm White) Downlight, 670Lm (65W Equiv) 10.5W - 50000 Hour - 5 Year Warranty - 30 Day No Hassle Return!

item # 700-53167103


This very nice LED recessed light which is a great replacement for 5" or 6" recessed Can lights with incandescent or fluorescent bulbs.  if you want to save energy but preserve the warm light of an incandescent bulb. This is one the nicest LED down lights we've ever tested or offered at BrightWay Supply Company.  The dimmable design goes from a bright 670Lm flood to a soft accent light suitable for your theater room.  and unlike fluorescent bulbs, there is no waiting for this light to energize - obtaining full brightness in fractions of a second after switched on.  This down light is bright producing the light output of a 65W incandescent bulb while only using 10W of power! That is a savings of up to > 75% to 85% of the energy per fixture (when replacing 65W or 75W incandescent bulbs). No more changing bulbs as this light is rated at 50,000 hours of operation and comes with a 5 year warranty which is supported through the California based office of ETI Lighting.

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This light is simple to install in a new or current 6 inch recessed Can fixture. Simply measure your Can diameter, make sure it is either 5 or 6 inches in diameter. Remove the bulb (unscrew) and plastic trim. The trim is usually connected to Can through two small springs. Then with switch off - screw in the standard socket base included with the this LED Down Light and clip the spring wires to clips on the metal 5 or 6 inch can and slide up flush with the ceiling. Please note it is important to measure the size of your current Can fixture as this light is built to retrofit only 5 or 6 inch Can fixtures.

This recessed LED Down Light can be dimmed down to 10% output, or producing a range of approximately an 8W-10W incandescent bulb at full dim, to 65W equivalent at full brightness. Dimming is controlled with the standard incandescent Wall Dimmer probably, already installed with your Can Lighting circuit. This LED Down Light has one of the best dimming ranges and most linear dimming performance of any LED Down Light we've tested. With this new LED Down Light - low price does not mean low quality! Don't miss out on this Special Buy - try one in your home or office today!

Save Money

SAVE Money

We are offering this new LED light at an incredibly low, introductory price.  So not only do you get to save over 60% on your electric bill compared to the 60W PAR30s, but you can save an amazing amount on your initial purchase.

Save Time


Once and done.  The 50,000 Hour rating on this easy to install LED light makes sure that you won't be running to the store to replace it any time soon.  Simply remove the existing bulb, un-clip the existing trim and bezel, install the LED by screwing in the socket adapter, connect the plug and clip it in the recessed can.

Save Earth

SAVE Resources

This LED Downlight reduces energy demand by as much as 60%.  It also last 15 times longer than most incandescent and fluorescent bulbs.  In addition, it isn’t manufactured with, or contain hazardous chemicals like mercury laden Compact Fluorescents.  Safe for children, safe for pets and safe for the environment.

ETI - Dimmable, Energy Star rated, 5" - 6" LED Downlight, 2700K (Warm White), 670Lm, (65W Equiv) 10.5W - 5 Year Warranty