How do I know that I’m getting a quality LED light bulb or fixture?

That is our job!

We take pride in selecting high quality, cost effective LED luminaires to distribute.  The information in this section is meant to give an idea of some of the things we make sure that our manufacturers account for in the design and production of their LED products.

We are confident that you will have a positive experience with our products.  If for some reason you do have an issue with a product, we will work diligently to make sure that your issue is resolved in a timely manner.


Thermal Management

The single most significant factor for any LED system is the temperature at the point within the LED package known as the junction. The junction temperature is the primary determinant of the potential operating life and performance for an LED. The LED manufacturer designs the LED package for optimal heat removal from the junction. LED luminaire manufacturers then take the packaged LED and design to manage the junction temperature by dissipating the generated heat across the surface area of the fixture.  Close attention is paid to the ambient temperature of the intended environment.


Seven questions to ask any LED luminaire manufacture

    1. Who manufactures your LEDs?
    2. How does your product achieve a proper heat sink?
    3. What is your system level lumen to watt ratio (efficacy)?
    4. Is your product serviceable?
    5. What is the L70 rating of the product?
    6. Can I see the LM79 test report?
    7. How long is your warranty?