Get LEDucated

Substantial advances in Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology have enabled a growing ‘green’ movement across the globe.  From ballpark scoreboards to vehicle tail lights to TVs and computer screens to general lighting applications of all sorts, LED technology is becoming increasingly more pervasive in our day-to-day lives.  LEDs are fundamentally different than traditional forms of lighting, and the many advantages of the Solid State Lighting (SSL) are changing the perception and value of lighting altogether.

So, what are LEDs all about?

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LED Light bulb.

LED 101 - What is an LED?

Colored LEDs up close.

The Buzz about LEDs - Why is everybody talking about LED lighting?

Replacement LED lights.

Finding Quality LED Products - How do I know that I’m getting a quality LED bulb or fixture?

Replacement LEDs in packaging.

A Time For LEDs - When should I buy LED lighting?

LED sign.

More Than Just a Light - Can LED lighting effect how I feel?


LEDs in Signage Is LED lighting a good fit for my signage needs? A Sign of Superior Lighting)

Tree canopy from the bottom.

LED Rebates - Are there rebates for switching to LED lighting products?

Light bulb drawn on a chalkboard.

LED heads - Where can I go on the Internet to learn more about LEDs and lighting?