The Healthcare market ranks as the second largest energy consumer in the U.S. Hospitals, medical clinics, and nursing homes can all take advantage of the many benefits offered by LED lighting.

It is costly and inconvenient to close an operating room or obstruct a hospital hallway in order switch out light bulbs. The long life and sealed nature of the right LED fixtures can help your medical facility save money by reducing maintenance and lowering energy consumption. Moreover, lighting in the average hospital today comprises 15-20% of the facility’s energy usage and many medical facilities have portions of the building that stay lit around the clock. The longer your traditional lighting fixtures are on, the faster you’re going to recuperate an investment in retrofitting them with energy saving LED lighting. Often times those energy savings are augmented by a reduction in lighting-generated heat dissipation and might be further accented by leveraging your existing building control network in order to dim or turn off select fixtures.

Get LEDucated about how the sterile, full-spectrum light emitted by LED luminaires could actually help regulate the circadian rhythms of staff members and patients alike.