Retail & Grocery

In a retail or grocery store environment, it is all about making your products look appealing. High quality LED lighting has a higher chromaticity rendering index (CRI) than fluorescents or HIDs, which means that the colors of your products will appear more true to form. In addition, LEDs can be lensed to put light where it is needed most - evenly on your products.

Refrigeration applications lend themselves particularly well to LED lighting. LEDs can substantially reduce the lighting-related energy consumption, and even further reduce power consumption by significantly lessening the heat dissipation of your lighting, which results in a reduction in compressor load for your cooling system. Moreover, exposure to ultra violet (UV) light can cause the very foods that need refrigeration, like dairy and meats, to spoil faster than they normally would. Contrary to their fluorescent counterparts, LEDs emit a negligible amount of UV light, and in some cases don’t emit any at all.