Illuminating your interior and exterior signage with LED lighting products is a great way to make your brand image pop out at your customers in an energy-efficient and cost effective way. Better illumination can mean better visibility, and better visibility means more customers.

Replacing neon lighting as an internal source of illumination in channel letters can regularly result in an 80-90% reduction in power consumption, while simultaneously reducing the maintenance costs associated with signage upkeep. Replacing fluorescent and HID lighting with LED lighting in cabinets, monuments, and pylon signs can reduce the sign’s power budget by 40-80% and offer added service benefits to help keep maintenance costs down.

Take a look at our signage products. If you’re interested in retrofitting your existing signage of illuminating your new signage with LED lighting, check out A Sign of Superior Lighting in the ‘Get LEDucated’ portion of our website in order to give us a little more information