RGB Color-changing LED Module. Commercial LED lights and fixtures from Brightway Supply Company.

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RGB Color-changing LED Module

item # 400-JE-006M

RGB Color-changing LED Module - 0.73W/module -- JE-006M
These JS LED color-changing modules can be mounted in coves or inside channel letters in order to give a dynamic and unique look to casinos, creative office spaces, or interesting architectural areas, to name a few locations. With the use of an associated controller, the color-changing LED modules can be made to change colors at different rates or be paused altogether on a particular color. They can be paired with a DMX512 controller in order to accommodate common theatrical protocols.


Viewing Angle:  120 degrees

Typical Red Wavelength:  623nm

Typical Green Wavelength:  523nm

Typical Blue Wavelength:  473nm

Voltage:  12V

Power dissipation per module:  .73W

Operating Temp:  -50C to 80C

Dimensions (mm):  18.5 x 73.5 x 8.5